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Да поклони

Well, I don’t speak serbian and I don’t trust google translate enough, so I hope english will do.

We just bought tickets for the away game in Belgrad. They are only avaiable in a package for all three home games of Zvezda. If you are a fan and you can’t afford tickets or for whatever reasons you don’t have one, but you’d like to see the matches against Bate and Arsenal anyway, we’ll give you ours. No charge. You only have to take care of changing the names on the tickets as they are personalized.

In total we have three tickets for each game. It would be nice if those will get to as many fans as possible, so i won’t give away all six at once.

Feel free to wirte me at axel[at] to get in contact. The tickets are for print at home.

I sure hope we’ll have a good time in Belgrad and maybe get to know each other having a drink.

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  • Guido Kabbeck

    Hallo, wir haben noch 5 tickets belgrad vs arsenal zu verschenken. Hast du eine idee wie ich das machen kann?

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